Grand Anicut Fund (GAF) an Indian investment firm which manages alternative assets. The fund represents its investors investment objectives. GAF has two schemes, with an Asset Under Management (AUM) of Rs.1600 crores, through which it offers a range of financial solutions to institutions in the form of Debt and Equity. The fund focusses on investing in Indian opportunities with a defined exit in sectors other than infrastructure, real estate and media.



Conviction and consistency are the two things that founders seek most from their investors. Anicut led a round just 2 months after we started Grip leveraging their deep understanding of businesses and their ability to build strong conviction very early on. They followed their investment with rock-solid and anytime support as demonstrated by their help in opening their network of LPs and portfolio companies, brainstorming on product innovation, recruitment and most recently successful introductions for our Series A round and their pro-rata commitment.

Nikhil Aggarwal
Founder & CEO
Grip Invest

We raised our first funding round via Anicut Capital. They took a keen interest in understanding our business. The team was were very professional and resourceful. They handheld the deal through the stressful CoVid period and saw it through to the end. We are happy to have worked with Anicut and got helpful investors on board.

Vivek Iyer and Shuhaid Lambe